SusuEco is a blog dedicated to:

  • documenting the lessons learned from the community development projects of the Cultural Business Incubator & Co-op based in Dallas, Tx.
  • sharing information and inspirations from those in the practice of marrying economic development to social responsibility.

We are in the midst of working to revitalize our very own neighborhood!

We are studying ourselves all along the way!

We welcome your participation and value your input and feedback!



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Community Economic Development Initiatives
POP-UP and Neighborhood Markets (see MAP)
Cooperative Vending Opportunities
Susu Circles & ROSCA Workshops
Grow South Hackathon –  Digital Development
Apprenticeship for Creative & Cultural Industry

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What does ‘susu and ujamaa ‘nem‘ mean?

Susu is the name used in many West African and Caribbean communities to this form of collective savings and credit system.  Susu means ‘small small’ in the Akan language and this form of banking and micro-finance has been used for centuries all over the world as a way to build collective and individual wealth. .. A powerful community development tool. WHAT IS SUSU ECONOMICS?

Ujamaa is known as ‘cooperative economics’ in the Nguzo Saba for Kwanzaa.  Ujamaa also means familyhood in Swahili and is the principle and practice of shared work and wealth, as well as, economic self-reliance.  

‘nem is a term used down here in Texas to essentially mean ‘everybody (or everything) else’ in addition to those that were named.  It is a southern ‘et cetera’.