SPRING 2014: Vendor Certification and Pop Up Market Collaboration!

We at the Susu Cultural Business Incubator are so excited to announce that we are facilitating a Vendor Certification Training Program for the residents of the Tenth Street Historic District in Oak Cliff, TX.  Vendors will participate in a pop-up market at Show Hill Biz Park on East 8th Street on April 26!  The vendor certification is a part of a big beautiful project called Activating Vacancy curated by bcWorkshop.  Activating Vacancy has 5 interactive neighborhood projects happening this spring.

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from the bcWORKSHOP website:

What is Activating Vacancy? : Activating Vacancy is a bcWorkshop project that explores how design and art can re-imagine the forgotten or neglected spaces in the Tenth Street community as part of a dialogue about what the neighborhood is, was, and could be.


bcWORKSHOP, a Dallas-based community design center, in partnership with the Dallas CityDesign Studio will be developing a policy framework and guide for future development for the historic district. Based on this partnership, Activating Vacancy will be part of a unique environment where art can influence, not respond to, policy creation.  bcWORKSHOP and the CityDesign Studio have been working with the Tenth Street community for the past eighteen months, forming relationships with a cadre of active and dedicated residents and stakeholders while researching the areas history, mapping conditions, and discussing dreams for the future.  Activating Vacancy is made possible through generous funding by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Trinity Trust Foundation, the Dorothea L. Leonhardt Foundation and local arts patrons

vcLogoWhat is the Vendor Certification & Business Development Course?

The Vendor Certification is a business development program designed to cultivate the business skills of local entrepreneurs. The 20-hour training for start-up businesses in the Tenth Street Historic District begins with weekly classes in the months of March and April of 2014.  All new businesses and business ideas are welcome!  

The Susu Cultural Business Incubator’s focus is on social enterprise in the creative and cultural industries.  This means businesses with products and services that are either original and hand-crafted and/or have community development or cultural awareness as a key element of their mission.  

The Tenth Street Vendor Certification culminates with a pop-up market at the Show Hill Biz Park on April 26, 2014.  Show Hill was once a street car stop and vibrant retail hub that has been vacant for many years.    

It is our goal to form a neighborhood business collective that will develop ongoing platforms for collaboration and local economic growth. 



Class Topics

  • Designing a Business Model
  • Product Development Workshop
  • Making a Marketing Plan
  • Creating Budgets; Bookkeeping & Mobile Vending Tools
  • Funding Your Dreams: IDA accounts, crowd funding, savings models
  • Vending permits; How to vend with the City of Dallas
  • Vending with Style: Quality and Aesthetics


  • Learn vendingpic11from A Pro – get guidance and best practices from local vendors and business owners
  • Sell your product at the Show Hill Biz Market on April 26, 2014

How to Get Involved

Got Business?



Do you have a business or dream of having your own business?

Do you have a creative skill or brilliant idea?  Does everyone love your cooking?


Do you make jewelry or art? Have you always wanted to open a boutique, salon, café, studio, specialty shop? Do you have a creative business that you want to get off the ground?  Do you have visions of a business idea that will improve your neighborhood?

Sign up for Vendor Certification: Classes begin March 8, 2014


Submit the Registration Form below to sign up for class and receive Vendor Certification Updates:


Send email to SusuVendor@gmail.com


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