YW Financial Empowerment Workshop Guest 3/15


The second Vendor Certification Training session is Saturday March 15, 2014 12 noon at Eloise Lundy Recreation Center.  At 1 PM, special guests from the YW Financial Empowerment Program will discuss financial saving programs and other opportunities available to small businesses.  After the YW presentation, we will walk to the ark on Noah Street to visit with its visionary artist Christopher Blay.  Now, doesn’t that sound like a productive and inspiring afternoon?!

Vendor Certification 3/15 SCHEDULE

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12 noon Class at Eloise Lundy Recreation Center

1 PM Special Presentation: YW Financial Empowerment programs

2 PM Neighborhood Walk to the Ark on Noah


What if I said that for every dollar you give me, I will give you $2?

I will give you $2 for your every $1, until you save $2000.

This is the formula for an Individual Development Account. (IDA)

Come learn about IDA’s with YWCA Financial Education Coordinator, Stephany Coleman. She will share information about the various YW Financial Empowerment program offerings from financial coaching/mentoring to continuing education workshops.

Everyone is welcome at 1 PM to learn more about these opportunities.  Please register here:

SusupicSusu Says:

 “It takes money, to make money.”  Yes it is true!  And if your money situation has you looking a little funny, thankfully there is a rich legacy of making something out of nothing.  There is an art to transforming what seems like meager means and next-to-nothing into work, to-do lists, and abundance.  It’s all about the perspective really.  For instance, your grandmother’s fruit jam may have always been only a family recipe.  However, that delicious fruit jam that everybody loves and asks for, may contain the blueprint to building on your family legacy and generating real income that supports anyone that works with it.  What value do you place on the resources that you have?

And when it comes to collective work and resources, the unity makes everything multiply.  Ten dollars turns into $100 real quick when there is a group involved.

Yet, we sometimes get stuck on start.  Stuck on step one of the equation: where to find our $10 savings to add to the pot? What idea to start with? How can I save for anything when I can barely pay bills? Yes, I know, there is nothing worse than “being broke”. <Insert sad face.> But, hey,  one of the best things to come out of being broke is the Blues.  And Dallas neighborhoods, such as Tenth Street, have given birth to legendary contributors to this profitable industry.  Turn the blues into The Blues!..  Could it be that the quality of life that we seek in our neighborhoods (businesses, schools, churches, government) is found in the VALUE we place on the quality of our lives, our legacy of skills and traditions?  These talents, skills and services are worth saving, building and growing towards their fruition and continuum.

Learn more about Susu

You are the greatest resource!



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