Why Pop-Up?

We ‘pop-up’ Susu markets and shops as a community building tool and an exercise in economic development and exchange.  The ‘POP-UP’ is a temporary space that illuminates the potential for the location and of local business to serve and thrive in its surrounding community. We ‘pop-up’ in our neighborhoods, these areas that are considered ‘blight’ and promoted as unsafe; The areas of the Grow South Initiative here in Dallas, Texas (and reflected in so many neighborhoods around the country and world).  My neighbor calls it ‘The Take Over Spirit’.  Some call it ‘Genny’, short for gentrification. You know the story: urban area lacking resources and slated for urban renewal.

 In this familiar narrative of displacement, Susu work is to strengthen local business that builds the economic exchange of the community members as a tool to secure a place in this wave of new urbanization.   

Susu vendors spent spring and summer 2014 popping up in empty lots in Oak Cliff and South Dallas. Susu completed a grant in Tenth Street with a pop-up market at (click the links for more info) Greater El Bethel Baptist Church, Benny’s Island in the Hood and on Historic Show Hill.  Susu pop-up market continued in the summer with a partnership with Top Dollar Tax Service and Starlight Bethel for the beginnings of The Bridge Market located on Cedar Crest at the bridge between South Dallas and Oak Cliff. We look forward to developing the Bridge Market into a Farmers Market in 2015!  Susu also partnered with Soul Rep Theatre Company to provide a market with the New Plays Festival at the Margo Jones in Fair Park.

As winter changes the outside dynamic and we shift to activating indoor vacant spaces, We want to thank our partners, supporters, and community for the commitment to developing good business and strong community.  And doing it with style! 

Meet the vendors from the POPUP Shop at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center on Nov. 29, 2014  

UrbanPoetryLogoUrban Poetry – UPcycled, Handmade, Eco Friendly Fashion

10644625_10205559743692278_2398059474386522097_nAnukah Accessories 



10750350_10152825510688895_8239538730510164407_oTrue Artist Brand Pop Urban & Luxury Streetwear


Sacred Instruments – Custom Hand-made Jewelry and Repair

LNS Designs – Fine Art Ceramics and Prints

Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar –  Black History Learning Series: audio books, video learning, and mini-workbooks

The Adventures of Zolie ZiAnti-Bullying Children’s Book Series


Qi Elements Spa – Anja Natural Skin Care Products and Services

Crafts Wombman – natural candles, body scrubs and more.

Honey Child Beadwork


Southern Girl Granola s.Girl Granola

Guest Vendor Femi 









Photos by: Angelique Westerfield, Anukah, True Artist Brand, Anja SkinCare Community and Tonya Crear

Special Thank you to Karla Arte for creating signage, Rafael Tamayo and Gerardo Robles of the Oak Cliff Cultural Center.

Let’s Build! Contact: Tisha Crear susuVendor@gmail.com


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