Pics: Susu Village at Starlight

Click on the pics below and step into the Susu Village at Starlight Bethel.  Special thanks to Benny Walker for erecting a village space requested by Starlight Bethel for their ‘Youth In Praise’ Concert.  The village area is made from recycled materials and local bamboo and is ready to ‘pop up’ at your location.  If you want to know more about the quality local vendors in the Susu Village Market, check the links to some of the best locally crafted goods in the land!

Special THANK YOU to all that visited the market, the excellent vendors and the Starlight Bethel team.

Now imagine if this field was a business hub serving this community daily… if only the city would lift the evasive ‘flood plain’ restrictions and allow the community owners to build and develop. 

Special thanks to Market workers: William Crear and Kendall Ferguson

Vendor Links:


Habesha Naturals:


Zoli Zi Anti-Bullying MovementFacebook

CJK Publishing: 

Sacred Instruments JewelryFacebook Page
Anja Natural Skin Care:
Urban Poetry Style: Facebook Page
Southern Girl Granola: 

East African Cuisine:


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