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Cultural Business Hub in Oak Cliff, Texas 

Phase one of launching the first Cultural Business Hub is happening right now!  We are currently on the process of acquiring properties in Oak Cliff that will house the hub.   We couldn’t be more excited and thankful!  These old Oak Cliff properties have been sitting vacant for many years and are located near the highway and train stations in a neighborhood that stands in the shadows of poverty and gentrification.  Many hard working families are in this neighborhood with the want and need for a fresh selection in this food desert.  We need your donations to support the start-up capital to acquire these properties.  Invest in building better business in the hood by donating here, read below about the businesses in the phase one formula and leave a comment.  We love to hear your feedback and encourage you to get involved! ABOUT SUSU CBI

Here’s the formula:

Phase one of the hub includes cultural retail, CBI resource space, Health Food Café, Health and Wellness Services Co-op.

Cultural Retail

Susu Markets currently showcase an array of retail businesses at our pop-up markets and pop-up juice bars.   These mobile vendors are the future owner occupants of the Susu healthy hub model.


Pan African Connection Resource Center is a 23 year old Dallas cultural retail establishment seeking property ownership and is a longstanding example of local business.  Pan African Connection houses retail as well as extended community services, events and programs. Visit Pan African  to read more about this historic and vibrant cultural business.

CBI Office and Event/Resource Space incubatorExample

Space for Susu Cultural Business Incubator start-ups, entrepreneur training, community micro finance and ujamaa workshops, local entrepreneur showcases and outreach programs.

See: ‘Market Vendor Training‘, ‘Soul Rep Theatre Company Market Collab

Health Food Café and Co-op Kitchen     market     

Start-up health food café will bring a new face to the greater Dallas vegetarian food scene, providing the local community affordable fresh food options, education programs, and Chef Showcases.  The co-op kitchen will provide a co-working commercial kitchen for neighborhood caters and emerging chefs.

Wellness Co-op wellnessThe Health & Wellness Co-op is a collective of local providers and practitioner businesses in a shared wellness facility providing quality healing services and products.  This includes outreach, educational, and mobile wellness service  programs.


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