Video: Susu Hosts CANTOINETTE Studios


March 22, 2014 Vendor Certification Training welcomed a guest presentation from Chesley of CANTOINETTE studios. Chesley shared her journey to opening her mobile store and wearable art gallery, gave the class mobile vending tips and talked about her sustainable business values. The love was flowing in this inspirational outdoor session. After our 2-hour work session at Lundy Recreation Center, the class posted up at Benny Walker’s recycled playground and workshop for the presentation. This day brought a special treat with Michael Benjamin bringing home brewed kombucha from his start-up company. (You will notice everyone has a cup!) A beautiful day indeed! Enjoy the video and be encouraged to start your business and build your community! Feel free to leave a comment. Upcoming Events Tenth Street Neighborhood Market APRIL 26, 2014 for more info: *funded by bcWorkshop Activating Vacancy