Introducing RECIPEoakcliff

Happy New Year!  Susu Incubator launches its first property development project January 2017!  Our labor for 2016 has extended our knowledge of all things construction permits, zoning, property tax, and City of Dallas inspections.   We look forward to sharing this knowledge with you in addition to our continued conversation and practice of Susu Economics, Cultural Business Incubation and our New Year’s baby #RECIPEoakcliff!


recipeoc-banner1-2RECIPE OAK CLIFF is a delicious food security business in South Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas offering plant-based drinks and eats on a rotating menu of cultural dishes and featured chefs.  Check out the website for upcoming tastings, opening events, classes, vending opportunities and more!



Complex Movements in Dallas: Science, Social Justice, and Multimedia Performance


Imagine walking into a 400 square foot pod to be transported into a sci-fi parable enveloping you with music, projections and a hip-hop laced interactive story experience.  This is just a hint of the flavor of the work from the Detroit based arts collective Complex Movements.  Their touring performance, installation and community workshops, entitled Beware of the Dandelions, is in Dallas for a month long engagement November 19 – December 15, 2015 presented by SMU Ignite/Arts Dallas.  The pod has landed at the Fair Park’s Tower Building 3809 Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75210.

Complex Movements engages communities to expand their strategies for organizing around local and trans-local social justice issues. The collective’s work is inspired by the writings, philosophy and experience of Detroit based activist Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015), as well as grassroots networks in Detroit.

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Susu TransLation: Chef Training on Park Lane


Susu Cultural Business Incubator has a yummy partnership with the TransLation Vickery Meadows Project in North Dallas! We have been conducting  Chef Training workshops with the goal to launch a collective of cultural culinary businesses. This partnership, led by Trans.lation Project Manager Carol Zou and Susu lead Tisha Crear, is a tasty tale in building bridges and/or just jumping in and swimming across.

TransLationLogoFirst, do you know about the Trans.lation Vickery Meadows Community in North Dallas off of Park Lane and I-75?

Just behind the Park Lane Whole Foods and North Park Mall, right there by Half Price Books, is a community in which nearly 30 languages can be heard from the over 25,000 people living in the less than 5-square mile area. The Trans.lation project storefront is a resource center that serves the largely immigrant and refugee community. Trans.Lation Vickery Meadows was founded by Rick Lowe and the Nasher Project in 2013 to unite the super diverse and truly multi-cultural, multi-lingual and transient community through arts, education and community activities.

Drop by any given day and you will find the dynamic Project Manager Carol Zou navigating resources and co-creating with any combination of Trans.lation community members engaging in a multitude of activities from Aztec dance to sign language to printmaking to Arabic lessons.  Take a look at the Trans.lation calendar that hangs on the wall among the paintings and you can feel the depth of the nature of the work.

Did I mention there is a blooming community garden in the back?

As you may know, Susu ‘s work is focused on the ‘southern sector’ of Dallas, in particular, key Oak Cliff neighborhoods poised for major transition in this era of the ‘Grow South Initiative‘. Susu pop-markets intentionally highlight local good food and a big part of our mission is entrepreneurship around issues of food security.

We have been excited and honored to take the drive up 75 north to work with five chefs from the Trans.lation community on building their culturally unique food businesses.

Here’s what we’ve done together so far:

In September 2015, we began the Chef Training series with study sessions to attain the Food Managers Certification.  After more than 16 hours of study, the chefs took their exams and are now all certified Food Managers / Food Handlers!

Who are the five chefs?

The Trans.lation Chefs bring cuisine from Iraq, The Dominican, Mexico, and Eritrea.  The chefs each bring a wealth of experience and rich tradition in the culinary arts.

More on each chefs’ unique style to come….

In the meantime….If you want a sample, come out to the Trans.lation Dia de Los Muertos celebration on November 1, 2015 from 4pm – 7pm.   Several of the Trans.lation Chefs will share a taste of their culinary offerings.

Stay tuned for a formal introduction to the good eats from each of the new businesses.  

Trans.lation Chefs:

Abdulkadir Hossain (Eritrea, Egypt)
Eman Alzaydi (Iraq)
Ekhlas Almayali (Iraq)
Felicitas Vazquez (Mexico)
Tina Castillo (Dominican Republic)

Juice for You! <3

Juice4 Flyer

Friday Night PopUp Juice Bar: Sweet Beets and Sassafras is ready for you this, and every, Friday!  The best organic fresh juice recipes to boost your health and wellness.

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popUp Juice Bar: 8-7

Let me clear my throat: We are going to popUp Juice Bar until we get a juice bar. Amen.


Did you miss us last week?  Check Erykah Badu’s post about the juice dream.

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Dallas Wake Up Call

Kevin Walker of Culture Lab gives a wake-up call to Dallas leadership and big dollar decision makers. Check the link!

Kevin Walker D Mag Article: Dallas Needs a New 21st Century Blueprint for Building A Better City

KevinWalker                                                                                                   In 2015, Dallas has dubiously topped national lists for income inequality, and childhood poverty. We have lost a lawsuit by the Federal Government for perpetuating housing segregation. The City is also being sued for making it difficult for minority vendors to win prime contracts. We have also lost out on business opportunities while our healthier suburbs keep on winning. Even our rival Fort Worth is doing better in terms of population growth rate, and the aesthetics and vibrancy of its downtown area.



PopUp Juice Bar: Blue Moon Toast 7/31

“Once in a Blue Moon” is happening right now!!  You are invited to celebrate with us this Friday, July 31 from 8 PM to 12 midnight and toast to your health.

Susu is partnering with The Institute for Ancestral Braiding to launch the Sweet Beets & Sassafras Juice Bar!  Come sip fresh organic vegetable and fruit juice blends, almond milks sweetened with dates & cinnamon, and brewed teas.  You can get a henna tattoo by local artist & yogi, Jaquai Wade and vibe to the beats of DJ Kevin Walker of #BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl).  Stop by and support your new to-go juice spot! ❤

Moon bathing encouraged! 🙂 txt: 760.933.SUSU(7878)  for location

PopUp Juice Bar on the Blue Moon Friday!
PopUp Juice Bar on the Blue Moon Friday!

#BTEYWO Become The Earth You Walk On

#BTEYWOSusu is excited to co-sponsor this community development online conference #BTEYWO Become The Earth You Walk On July 25-26, 2015.  Tickets are $35   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

You will experience the expertise of six dynamic presenters in fields of environmental justice, urban farming, plant medicine, and food activism. All of the profits will go to support Indigenous Remedies’ Herb Nerd Scholarship Fund. Join the discussions as we take it back to the land, learn self-sufficiency and sustainability.  Continue reading “#BTEYWO Become The Earth You Walk On”

I <3 South Dallas

If you are one of the over 30,000 new residents per year to the Dallas area within the last few, you have received tips on the city’s hot spots, as well as, cautioned to the areas south of the Trinity.  DON”T BELIEVE THE HYPE.  Come visit the South Dallas Cultural Center Saturday, December 20 and see what’s really good!  Here are 3 ‘mind-opening’ things to do when you visit:


popupFlySoulRep Come shop local quality goods at the POP-UP Shop.  You will find unique jewelry, apparel, books, foods and more!  The market opens at 1 PM.


Susu Market with Soul Rep Theatre Company

Take a break from shopping and see A Hostile Holiday at 2 pm and 7 pm in the South Dallas Cultural Center theatre.

Check out the reviews for this family friendly play.    HostileHoliday

3. CHECK OUT THE GALLERY SHOW ‘NESTING’ by Ann Johnson: The South Dallas Cultural Center’s Arthello Beck Gallery is a gem in the community.  Each season the exhibits of national and international artists will expand your palette of fine Black Art.  The gallery boasts two spaces: the main gallery and a smaller ’emerging artists’ gallery.  The current exhibit in the main space features local artist Carl Sidle.  The emerging arts gallery space features a moving installation work by artist Ann Johnson, entitled “Nesting”.


Check this blog write up by Jas Mardis.


Come on over to the South Dallas Cultural Center to shop, catch an art exhibit and see a Holiday play.  

say it with me,…  I ❤ South Dallas

want to vend with Susu? or REGISTER HERE.

Summer Solstice On Historic Show Hill: Market Pop Up

Summer Solstice, June 21, 2014

Show Hill is located on 8th Street in the Tenth Street Historic District in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas at the top of an area called’The Bottoms’ due to its low-lying location.  The Show Hill land was once a vibrant community hub for retail, food and socializing on the hill.

The lot sits empty and filled with rocks, fringed by lush green and fanned by the hum of cars flying around the dead man’s curve that serves as the hill’s front door.  Atop this historic ground,  boasting one of the best views of downtown Dallas available, on this once vital block of business,  we payed homage to its great history by ‘activating the vacancy’ with a fresh business presence.

The design and build crew included bcWorkshop and neighborhood members and Activating Vacancies grantees that created market booths from the bamboo that grows freely throughout the area.

The result was a simple and beautiful market layout. The far side of the hill was designed with a walkway of market booths, the bcworkshop’s multi-purpose deck served as the stage, and there was a little food market and cafe.  Graduates from the Susu Cultural Business Incubator’s Vendor Certification Program and other local businesses brought the Hill to life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The day was a sun kissed affair with plenty of great activities. The prolific DJ O kept the scene vibrant with the good music vibes for everyone.  Live music from Don Bell Blues and a T-Bone Walker tribute serenaded the Tenth Street District. The activity list was packed with education and fun for everyone.  In addition to the market activities like: face painting with storyteller Melody Bell, interactive art workshops with Oil and Cotton, the midday Zumba workout, you did not want to miss Benny Walker’s Bob Cat ride!  Another Activating Vacancy project, ‘Ghost Bridges’,with urban design innovators Rabble Workshop, provided walking tours of the neighborhood.

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The vendors for the Show Hill Market really ‘showed out’ with a wide selection of unique hand-crafted goods and specialty services offered in the market.  Vendors displayed clothing, jewelry, art, bath & body products, and natural foods and artisanal drinks.

Meet some of the vendors:

Tenth Street Historic District, The Bottoms, Oak Cliff, South Dallas, The Hood: Home to a Neighborhood Market where you can sample home-brewed Kombucha and organic vegan tacos after a massage under the trees and some quick gift shopping while listening to live blues music overlooking the Dallas early summer skyline!

We are on a mission to develop local business, stimulate economic exchange and community re investment as a means to build neighborhood and guide the tide of re-urbanization.  We would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below.  Join us for the next Susu Market on July 12, 2014.  Vendor Certification classes begin in August 2014.  Send an email to . Your positive participation and contributions are welcome.



Photo Credits: bcWorkshop, Jamila Mendez, Herschel Yelder, Tracey Clarke, Twymeka Jendayi Hill-Jones

– Tisha Crear