Vid: Juice Dreams

Naturally IsisSweet Beets and Sassafras vision for a juice bar is a shared dream in alignment with Susu’s mission to assist in the launch of socially responsible business in the Southern sector of Dallas, Tx.  We are excited to make our juicy dreams come true with the launch of this popUp Juice Bar collaboration.  Check the video!

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Dallas Wake Up Call

Kevin Walker of Culture Lab gives a wake-up call to Dallas leadership and big dollar decision makers. Check the link!

Kevin Walker D Mag Article: Dallas Needs a New 21st Century Blueprint for Building A Better City

KevinWalker                                                                                                   In 2015, Dallas has dubiously topped national lists for income inequality, and childhood poverty. We have lost a lawsuit by the Federal Government for perpetuating housing segregation. The City is also being sued for making it difficult for minority vendors to win prime contracts. We have also lost out on business opportunities while our healthier suburbs keep on winning. Even our rival Fort Worth is doing better in terms of population growth rate, and the aesthetics and vibrancy of its downtown area.