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published July 2015


Press: Susu on DallasInnovates.com

Susu received a shout out on DallasInnovates.com! Read the article HERE or click the image below.


Innovation Is Happening in Unlikely Places in Dallas-Fort Worth


Published DEC 23, 2015


TransLation Chef Tasting Nov 21


Did you read about the Susu collaboration with TransLation to provide chef training and launch cultural culinary business within the diverse and rich immigrant/ refugee community of Vickery Meadows?  Check out the DMN article on the TransLation Chef debut HERE .  If you missed it, come out to the Oak Cliff Cultural Center on Saturday November 21 to the Fair Trade Market 1p -7p to sample the chefs’ treats.


  • Janna Grill – Iraqui sweet doughnut holes
  • Jabana Cafe – East African coffee and tamarind tea
  • Delicious Farat – falafel and salad
  • Casa Doña Felix – Taquitos al Pastor


photos by Carol Zou

(the last photo is a stock photo)

DIY Development for Humans

Susu is passionate about responsible neighborhood development.  Our approach is to nurture the vast rich human resource of our neighborhood businesses as a key driver to building community.

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of participating in ‘Small Scale Real Estate Developers BOOT CAMP’.  This camp was the first of many to inspire a new (or old) approach to development led by (one of our favorite Dallas developers) Monte Anderson and the folks from the Congress for New Urbanism.

The boot camp work is igniting an army of new developers to think of their projects as ‘farms’.  We at Susu have called this concept ‘hubs’.  The concept of ‘farming as development’ is a perfect metaphor for the cultivation required to temper the greedy developer monster that displaces communities and cashes in on the generations of legal resource-hoarding that has created ‘under-served communities’.  The distinction trades that deep-pocket gangster tactic in for small-scale or an incremental development approach.

Check the link to this article BY OSCAR PERRY ABELLO to read more >>click here<<.

We couldn’t agree more from this quote from Boot Camp Facilitator, R John Anderson,

“(small scale development) … is a tremendous opportunity for people of color and low-income communities to claim a long-denied share of wealth and opportunity. Inclusiveness is especially critical in an era when cities and close-in suburbs are seeing a trending demand for walkable neighborhoods.

He goes on to say, “The way to make those changes more graceful than if we were to see disruptive gentrification would be to do it on a smaller scale, with more participation of people in those neighborhoods already,” R. John Anderson says. “It makes sense to scale things properly for the communities you’re operating in. It’s a question of advancing skill sets and business models and networks among small operators.”

Yep. Pretty much.  Disruptive gentrification is bad.  And, though it seems, that gentrification, in some form, is inevitable, the ‘incremental development’ approach gives space for neighborhood folks to stay in the game.

#YOUareTHEdeveloper     #&YouAreNotAlone

Need inspiration?

Theaster Gates

Rick Lowe

Kristen E. Jeffers – The Black Urbanist

New Urban Mom

Corner Side Yard

Susu Map 2015

Have you checked the map of Susu’s work lately?  We are thankful to work in our beautiful community of South Oak Cliff.  Why do we PopUp? We are working to launch better business in our neighborhood.  We pop-up to test our business model and to create access for our community to quality goods and services.  Our goal is to contribute to a healthy business hub model for low-to-mid income neighborhoods.

Click the pic and check our work:

Click the pic to see the interactive map of Susu work with links to more info!
Click and see the interactive map of Susu work with links to more info!

We love to hear from you! susuVendor@gmail.com

Greens & Almond Milk, Kombucha & Kava, Henna & Gem Stones, Bike Rides & Uber

South Oak Cliff Business

Pics from the Friday night PopUp Juice Bar in Oak Cliff. Sweet Beets & Sassafras at The Institute for Ancestral Braiding. Soundtrack: Feel Better, World – Ms. Badu

Highlights: Kombucha Mane stopped by and gave samples of his homebrew!  It was collard green and mint!  Perfect!  Indigenous Remedies brought Kava by the gallon. We adorned ourselves with Henna by Jaquai and shined up our new gemstones from Soulistic Wellness. Akwete of Pan African Connection came by and had an N’Dambi Sweet Juice w extra ginger.  We took a late night bike ride after the juice bar closed.  Shout out to the beautiful Uber riders that make the juice bar one of their Friday night Uber stops! ❤

THANK YOU N’dambi and Tudi for the loaner juicer!

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Juice for You! <3

Juice4 Flyer

Friday Night PopUp Juice Bar: Sweet Beets and Sassafras is ready for you this, and every, Friday!  The best organic fresh juice recipes to boost your health and wellness.

August 21 Features: Continue reading “Juice for You! <3”

popUp Juice Bar: 8-7

Let me clear my throat: We are going to popUp Juice Bar until we get a juice bar. Amen.


Did you miss us last week?  Check Erykah Badu’s post about the juice dream.

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PopUp Juice Bar: Blue Moon Toast 7/31

“Once in a Blue Moon” is happening right now!!  You are invited to celebrate with us this Friday, July 31 from 8 PM to 12 midnight and toast to your health.

Susu is partnering with The Institute for Ancestral Braiding to launch the Sweet Beets & Sassafras Juice Bar!  Come sip fresh organic vegetable and fruit juice blends, almond milks sweetened with dates & cinnamon, and brewed teas.  You can get a henna tattoo by local artist & yogi, Jaquai Wade and vibe to the beats of DJ Kevin Walker of #BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl).  Stop by and support your new to-go juice spot! ❤

Moon bathing encouraged! 🙂 txt: 760.933.SUSU(7878)  for location

PopUp Juice Bar on the Blue Moon Friday!
PopUp Juice Bar on the Blue Moon Friday!

Pics: Susu Village at Starlight

Click on the pics below and step into the Susu Village at Starlight Bethel.  Special thanks to Benny Walker for erecting a village space requested by Starlight Bethel for their ‘Youth In Praise’ Concert.  The village area is made from recycled materials and local bamboo and is ready to ‘pop up’ at your location.  If you want to know more about the quality local vendors in the Susu Village Market, check the links to some of the best locally crafted goods in the land!

Special THANK YOU to all that visited the market, the excellent vendors and the Starlight Bethel team.

Now imagine if this field was a business hub serving this community daily… if only the city would lift the evasive ‘flood plain’ restrictions and allow the community owners to build and develop. 

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