May 7 Market and Resource Fair


Vermont Village Neighborhood Festival, May 7th 2016, 10 AM – 3 PM

Special Guests: Michelle Gibson and the Kickin Brass Band at 12 noon 

Saturday May 7, add to the ‘to-do’ list a stop at 903 Vermont and Ewing Ave in Oak Cliff, TX. You are invited to check out the new mural, shop for a special Mother’s Day gift, pick up neighborhood resource materials, jump in the bouncy house and celebrate community.  If you plan your schedule right, you will arrive before noon and catch the phenomenal Michelle Gibson‘s ‘pop up performance’ with Kickin Brass Band.  ❤

Vendors: Black Vegetarian Society of Texas providing resources and tools for sustaining a plant based diet.; Zolie Zi Anti-Bullying Books and Dolls; Sacred Instruments hand crafted jewelry; Habesha Naturals and Qi Elements Spa with natural skin and hair products; decorative baskets; shea butter balm with Bodywork by Patrick AND MORE!





About Last Week: Teen.Biz Spring Camp VIDEO

Susu Cultural Business Incubator’s spring break camp for teen girl entrepreneurs was a great success!  Thank you to the Ft. Worth Chapter of Links, Inc, volunteers and supporters!  Check out the video and feel free to leave a comment below!

TEEN.BIZ : Girl Entrepreneur Spring Break Training





What:  5-day workshop for teen girls with an interest in starting or growing a business.

When: March 9 -13, 2015 10a – 4p

Where: Fort Worth Texas 76103 (complete details with registration)

Who:  This camp for teen girls is sponsored by The Fort Worth Chapter of Links, Inc. and facilitated by the Susu Cultural Business Incubator.


10a – 10:30 pm

MORNING YOGA – The 30 minute session led by Dr. Staussa Ervin, owner of MindPeace: Counseling, Coaching, Consulting.

MindPeace Counseling is thrilled to offer MindPeace BodyPeace Yoga Therapy for Teens to the participants of the Spring Break Camp for Girls.  We created MindPeace BodyPeace to provide solution focused skills through mind and body cohesion.  Camp participants will begin each day learning aspects of therapeutic yoga that will support the business skills they will learn in camp.   Our yoga therapy teaches mood management, self-confidence, coping skills, and the importance of community. The absolute best part of this experience is that starting the day with yoga will trigger dopamine, the hormone/neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of happiness.  Starting the day feeling happy will be a wonderful catalyst for this entrepreneurial journey! For more information on our weekly yoga therapy group for teens, visit us at

10:30 a – 12 noon

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – The 90-minute sessions led by Tisha Crear of the Susu Cultural Business Incubator will teach basic business language, practices and processes.  Participants are introduced to business models, marketing, project management and product development.

12 noon – 1 p

LUNCH AND LEARN – Participants will spend 2 days learning recipes and developing teamwork exploring healthy culinary arts and work-shopping project ideas.  (Healthy lunch provided daily. REGISTER HERE )

1p -2p

PROJECT & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT workshops – Skill based learning sessions to prepare for DIY Craft Workshops.  Monday and Tuesday Intro to Essential Oils and Salt & Sugar Scrub classes are led by Tracey Butterfly Clark of Mariposas Garden.

2p -4p

DIY CRAFT WORKSHOPS – Hands-on workshop preparing products for market.




Summer Solstice On Historic Show Hill: Market Pop Up

Summer Solstice, June 21, 2014

Show Hill is located on 8th Street in the Tenth Street Historic District in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas at the top of an area called’The Bottoms’ due to its low-lying location.  The Show Hill land was once a vibrant community hub for retail, food and socializing on the hill.

The lot sits empty and filled with rocks, fringed by lush green and fanned by the hum of cars flying around the dead man’s curve that serves as the hill’s front door.  Atop this historic ground,  boasting one of the best views of downtown Dallas available, on this once vital block of business,  we payed homage to its great history by ‘activating the vacancy’ with a fresh business presence.

The design and build crew included bcWorkshop and neighborhood members and Activating Vacancies grantees that created market booths from the bamboo that grows freely throughout the area.

The result was a simple and beautiful market layout. The far side of the hill was designed with a walkway of market booths, the bcworkshop’s multi-purpose deck served as the stage, and there was a little food market and cafe.  Graduates from the Susu Cultural Business Incubator’s Vendor Certification Program and other local businesses brought the Hill to life.

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The day was a sun kissed affair with plenty of great activities. The prolific DJ O kept the scene vibrant with the good music vibes for everyone.  Live music from Don Bell Blues and a T-Bone Walker tribute serenaded the Tenth Street District. The activity list was packed with education and fun for everyone.  In addition to the market activities like: face painting with storyteller Melody Bell, interactive art workshops with Oil and Cotton, the midday Zumba workout, you did not want to miss Benny Walker’s Bob Cat ride!  Another Activating Vacancy project, ‘Ghost Bridges’,with urban design innovators Rabble Workshop, provided walking tours of the neighborhood.

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The vendors for the Show Hill Market really ‘showed out’ with a wide selection of unique hand-crafted goods and specialty services offered in the market.  Vendors displayed clothing, jewelry, art, bath & body products, and natural foods and artisanal drinks.

Meet some of the vendors:

Tenth Street Historic District, The Bottoms, Oak Cliff, South Dallas, The Hood: Home to a Neighborhood Market where you can sample home-brewed Kombucha and organic vegan tacos after a massage under the trees and some quick gift shopping while listening to live blues music overlooking the Dallas early summer skyline!

We are on a mission to develop local business, stimulate economic exchange and community re investment as a means to build neighborhood and guide the tide of re-urbanization.  We would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below.  Join us for the next Susu Market on July 12, 2014.  Vendor Certification classes begin in August 2014.  Send an email to . Your positive participation and contributions are welcome.



Photo Credits: bcWorkshop, Jamila Mendez, Herschel Yelder, Tracey Clarke, Twymeka Jendayi Hill-Jones

– Tisha Crear

Graduation Ceremony Pics: 10th Street Vendors

Meet some of the graduates of the Susu Cultural Business Incubator Vendor Certification Program in Tenth Street Historic District. Graduates completed well over 20 hours of business training in March/April 2014.  Participants received certificates and graduates were gifted an TENTH STREET VENDOR Apron.  The ceremony was followed by a pop-up market at Benny’s Island.

Graduation Ceremony at Lundy Recreation Center May 31, 2014; Oak Cliff, Texas

Read more about the bcWorkshop Activating Vacancy Project  >>HERE<<

Susu Pop Up Market Video 4/26/2014

Check out the Market Day video from the Tenth Street Vendor Certification first MARKET, April 2014, Oak Cliff, TX. Guest Vendor, Kombucha Mane, Michael Benjamin, submitted this sweet bit of footage from the mini-market pop-up behind Greater El Bethel Baptist Church on that sunny Saturday afternoon.  The market took place around bcWorkshop’s Activating Vacancy instillation, “The Ark on Noah Street’ by Christopher Blay during Rebuilding America’s massive neighborhood renovation event.  Vendor Certification class members and guest vendors displayed hand crafted items with the DJ providing the soundtrack to a great day in the neighborhood.

( click >>HERE<< to read my notes on the experience )

Thank you Kombucha Mane for sharing this market day video! Looking forward to drinking Kombucha at this Saturday May 31st Pop-Up at Benny’s Island In the Hood 2.

Congratulations to the Susu Cultural Business Incubator VENDOR CERTIFICATION First Class.
Enjoy the video!


Video: Susu Hosts CANTOINETTE Studios


March 22, 2014 Vendor Certification Training welcomed a guest presentation from Chesley of CANTOINETTE studios. Chesley shared her journey to opening her mobile store and wearable art gallery, gave the class mobile vending tips and talked about her sustainable business values. The love was flowing in this inspirational outdoor session. After our 2-hour work session at Lundy Recreation Center, the class posted up at Benny Walker’s recycled playground and workshop for the presentation. This day brought a special treat with Michael Benjamin bringing home brewed kombucha from his start-up company. (You will notice everyone has a cup!) A beautiful day indeed! Enjoy the video and be encouraged to start your business and build your community! Feel free to leave a comment. Upcoming Events Tenth Street Neighborhood Market APRIL 26, 2014 for more info: *funded by bcWorkshop Activating Vacancy

SPRING 2014: Vendor Certification and Pop Up Market Collaboration!

We at the Susu Cultural Business Incubator are so excited to announce that we are facilitating a Vendor Certification Training Program for the residents of the Tenth Street Historic District in Oak Cliff, TX.  Vendors will participate in a pop-up market at Show Hill Biz Park on East 8th Street on April 26!  The vendor certification is a part of a big beautiful project called Activating Vacancy curated by bcWorkshop.  Activating Vacancy has 5 interactive neighborhood projects happening this spring.

 Click the logo to get up to date info on all of the Activating Vacancy projects and news!


from the bcWORKSHOP website:

What is Activating Vacancy? : Activating Vacancy is a bcWorkshop project that explores how design and art can re-imagine the forgotten or neglected spaces in the Tenth Street community as part of a dialogue about what the neighborhood is, was, and could be.


bcWORKSHOP, a Dallas-based community design center, in partnership with the Dallas CityDesign Studio will be developing a policy framework and guide for future development for the historic district. Based on this partnership, Activating Vacancy will be part of a unique environment where art can influence, not respond to, policy creation.  bcWORKSHOP and the CityDesign Studio have been working with the Tenth Street community for the past eighteen months, forming relationships with a cadre of active and dedicated residents and stakeholders while researching the areas history, mapping conditions, and discussing dreams for the future.  Activating Vacancy is made possible through generous funding by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Trinity Trust Foundation, the Dorothea L. Leonhardt Foundation and local arts patrons

vcLogoWhat is the Vendor Certification & Business Development Course?

The Vendor Certification is a business development program designed to cultivate the business skills of local entrepreneurs. The 20-hour training for start-up businesses in the Tenth Street Historic District begins with weekly classes in the months of March and April of 2014.  All new businesses and business ideas are welcome!  

The Susu Cultural Business Incubator’s focus is on social enterprise in the creative and cultural industries.  This means businesses with products and services that are either original and hand-crafted and/or have community development or cultural awareness as a key element of their mission.  

The Tenth Street Vendor Certification culminates with a pop-up market at the Show Hill Biz Park on April 26, 2014.  Show Hill was once a street car stop and vibrant retail hub that has been vacant for many years.    

It is our goal to form a neighborhood business collective that will develop ongoing platforms for collaboration and local economic growth. 



Class Topics

  • Designing a Business Model
  • Product Development Workshop
  • Making a Marketing Plan
  • Creating Budgets; Bookkeeping & Mobile Vending Tools
  • Funding Your Dreams: IDA accounts, crowd funding, savings models
  • Vending permits; How to vend with the City of Dallas
  • Vending with Style: Quality and Aesthetics


  • Learn vendingpic11from A Pro – get guidance and best practices from local vendors and business owners
  • Sell your product at the Show Hill Biz Market on April 26, 2014

How to Get Involved

Got Business?



Do you have a business or dream of having your own business?

Do you have a creative skill or brilliant idea?  Does everyone love your cooking?


Do you make jewelry or art? Have you always wanted to open a boutique, salon, café, studio, specialty shop? Do you have a creative business that you want to get off the ground?  Do you have visions of a business idea that will improve your neighborhood?

Sign up for Vendor Certification: Classes begin March 8, 2014


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